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A Challenge Lesson from the Jury Room

The jury is arguably the cornerstone of our legal system, and few rights are more ancient or precious than the right to have one’s guilt or innocence decided by one’s peers. A soon to be released study of 290 non-capital … Continue reading

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You in the kilt—got a license for that?

Ah the kilt, the very symbol of every Scotsman’s freedom and virility. Unfortunately, under a new law proposed in Scotland, those of us partial to these manly skirts will have to obtain a license for sporrans, which are the fuzzy … Continue reading

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MBM Summit Stirs Memories of MBM Past

The second annual MBM Summit was held this week in Atlanta, Georgia, and it was great to finally meet many of the folks who teach MBM around the world—especially those who do so in German, French, Chinese, Spanish, and Portuguese. … Continue reading

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Defining the Entrepreneur

The concepts embodied in Market-Based Management are closely related to questions of entrepreneurship (How do you get more entrepreneurial behavior in a business? How do you identify new employees who will thrive in an entrepreneurial environment?). Entrepreneurship is certainly a … Continue reading

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Communist-Era Polish Man Awakes from 19-Year Coma, Discovers Market Economy

In his very popular 1888 book, Looking Backward, Edward Bellamy tells the tale of a young 19th century American who awakes in the year 2000 to find his nation transformed into a socialist utopia. The book caused a sensation when … Continue reading

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