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Do You Have a Bad Job?

Of course, whether you have a bad job or not is not something I can answer, but luckily some folks think they have figured out as to what a “bad” job really is. This article in the Arizona Republic (HT: … Continue reading

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Who You Calling Stingy?

One of the most frequent charges leveled at market economies is that they promote greed and little care for the less fortunate. This is perhaps one of the greatest falsehoods ever perpetrated in the last 200 years. Not only has … Continue reading

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In Praise of Money

I wanted to write about this story months ago, but held my fire because I couldn’t help but feel sorry for Mark Boyle—a man who planned to walk from England to India without any money, relying on the kindness of … Continue reading

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In case you wondered if prices really do guide behavior…

The Department of Transportation reported Friday that Americans are driving 4.3% less from this time last year (that’s 11 billion fewer miles).  Ford Motor Company’s Mark Fields (President of the Americas) says, "Rapidly rising commodity prices — particularly steel prices … Continue reading

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People who “Know” are People who “No.”

In Border’s recently, randomly wandering the aisles, a title caught my eye: Think Better: An Innovator’s Guide to Productive Thinking by Tim Hurson.  Unfortunately it is not available yet on the Kindle (my latest omg-you-have-to-have-this), so I sat down with … Continue reading

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