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Economic Thinking Thursday: Moral Hazard

I’m not sure if Economic Thinking Thursday will become a series or not, but I’ve been looking for opportunities to write about the role that basic economic thinking can play in looking at society and the firm. Today’s example comes … Continue reading

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MBM as Advertised: Motorola Droid

I’m starting a new series each Wednesday in which I’ll ask you to use MBM to assess an advertisement. Please take a minute to watch this week’s ad: I’m sure that there are a lot of ways that MBM can … Continue reading

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Steam-Cleaned Fulfillment

Frequent reader Dave sent along this series of videos.  He says–and I have to agree with him–that, “every time I see this commercial I think of Fulfillment.”  In the videos, you see a couple of carpet cleaners who genuinely (as … Continue reading

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RR&Es In Action

Notice that the title of this post doesn’t say “inaction….”  Too often, that is exactly the problem most of us face [read: me] when using RR&E thinking. Below is an example from my experiences with this tool, but first let … Continue reading

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Failure Is A Feature

Aaron stormed out of the wilds of Alaska, hung up his gun and fishing rod, and took to that book learnin’. His opportunity to repent on his law degree came during the 2009-2010 KAP class, and now he works at … Continue reading

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Friday Links

Thanks to David for passing on a great story about “The Dirty Little Secret of Successful Companies.” The author writes, “What these people don’t tell you in those interviews and books — and I’ve read quite a few — is … Continue reading

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Applying MBM

Learning and applying any new set of concepts can be difficult.  MBM is no exception.  The Science of Success points to personal knowledge, not just “conceptual or procedural understanding,” as the key to applying MBM: For this reason, before an … Continue reading

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Epic Fail?

Failure is all the rage right now.  This month’s Harvard Business Review is called, “The Failure Issue.”  I’ve always heard failure discussed in the context of failing small now in order to avoid bigger failures in the future.  This article from … Continue reading

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MBM Jenga

I’ve recently been trying to come up with a metaphor for how the five dimensions are interrelated and holistic.  For a time I was considering a Jenga-like stack of interrelated blocks. The various levels would correspond to each dimension, and the … Continue reading

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Your Thoughts?

What types of posts would you like to see more of on the blog? What topics are you curious to learn more about, or what issues would you like to discuss? What changes would you suggest? In short, we want … Continue reading

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