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Friday Links

 Do you think you’re giving enough feedback? “The feedback gap” takes a look at a new survey of workers. Some of the findings might make you think a bit harder about if you’re giving enough feedback. You probably know we’ve written … Continue reading

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When Customer Focus (Really) Counts

What if every single one of your customers had access to millions of readers?  What if just one did, but you didn’t know which one?  Turns out, there’s a “coupon site” customer out there who was able to write a … Continue reading

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MBM as Advertised: Knowledge

I can’t embed this week’s ad, so you’ll have to head over to YouTube to see it.  This one debuted during the Super Bowl this year.  There are all sorts of fantastic (and funny) bits about knowledge in the ad.  … Continue reading

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Trying to keep up the “sea stories” in the blog, I was recently reminded about two examples of using “vision” in real life. Call it “mission creep.” Call it a lack of discipline.  Call it a failure to follow unclear … Continue reading

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What’s New?

Every now and again I pop over to Stanford’s ECorner to see what’s new. Here are a few new clips from the past 4 months or so. First, here’s Bill Gross talking about “Motivation Through Equity and Risk-Taking.” Next, Guy Kawasaki suggests you … Continue reading

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Friday Links

This post  by Seth Godin made me go, “huh, there’s a lesson in here.” Then, I debated if it was a Customer Focus or a Decision Rights lesson. It’s probably both. Maybe an example of how different aspects of MBM are mutually … Continue reading

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The $300 House

Back in January, I blogged about constraint-based innovation.   This post from lays out the details of a new contest: The mission? Design a simple dwelling that can be constructed for under $300 which keeps a family safe, allows them … Continue reading

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Quick Take

I’m on the road today, but I wanted to pose a quick question for your discussion. What is the most challenging economic concept for you to personally apply in your work, and why?

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Developing Visions and Strategies

In an effort to build in more “case studies” (using that term loosely) about applying MBM, I wanted to share a story about an experience I had in helping a team develop a vision.  First, it’s important to point out … Continue reading

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“Given the Realities of Creative Destruction…”

I was re-reading The Science of Success the other day in preparation for a class, and was struck by a simple phrase on page 59.  “Given the realities of creative destruction….” From that one little mental model–that is, understanding that things … Continue reading

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