Friday Links: Late Edition

This is a late edition because several of these links are neat things from yesterday. I guess I’d rather be a day late than have you miss some of these stories.

First, a belated happy birthday to one of the major influences in MBM: Ludwig von Mises. The Mises Institute celebrated by reposting some articles outlining Mises’s contributions to economics and free market thought.

Yesterday was Coffee Day (as far as I am concerned, every day is coffee day). Here’s an article celebrating by looking at how/if coffee is related to productivity.

This article responds to research released this summer that shows up to half of people want to quit their jobs. It’s titled “Half of Your Team is About to Quit… 12 Things to Do About It.”

Again, I was a bit late in finding this story: “Vivid Stories Change Donor Behavior.” After hearing Andy discuss the Success Case Method yesterday, I remembered I’d read something about stories and went back to this blog. Do you see the Human Action Model at work in this article?

Have a safe and happy weekend!

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