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From my earliest days of blogging here at Rooted in Prosperity, I talked about wanting to get better at seeing things through the MBM lens. Sadly, my progress hasn’t been what I hoped it would be. Combined with the fact … Continue reading

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Competition is Blind

  The clip above is from my favorite show, Arrested Development (full scene here, though it has a bit of unsavory language in it). Michael finds out that the seeing-eye dog he is watching for the day–named “Justice”–is actually blind.  … Continue reading

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The Role of Ambition

I’ve been studying the life and ideas of Abraham Maslow for a current project. I’ve come to admire him for a number of reasons, including his commitment to help people and constant search for truth, no matter where the source. … Continue reading

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I don’t think most people learn with big giant “A-ha” moments. My experience leans toward the lurching-fumbling-almost-getting-it-grasping-at-ideas moments AND THEN an “A-ha.” If we can find ways to push people toward the “A-ha” a little faster, then we all learn … Continue reading

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Don’t take counsel of your fears

Throughout The Science of Successthere are pages with pictures and quotes of great thinkers like Hayek, Mises and Maslow. They kick off each chapter — perhaps as a signal of the importance of their contributions to MBM. After having a discussion with … Continue reading

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A New Constitution?

An updated version of Hayek’s The Constitution of Liberty was released earlier this week, and–from the scholars I’ve spoken to and the reviews I’ve read–it looks like an improvement over previous versions. In The New York Times Francis Fukuyama aptly … Continue reading

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Multiple Intelligences

I tried to find a short clip to explain Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory. My goal was to tie this theory into comparative advantage (as is done on page 87 of Science of Success). However, almost everything I found with … Continue reading

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Little Bets by Peter Sims

Rarely do I get excited about a business book before I read it. In my experience, the vast majority of business books are boring. Some of them are great, but they are so few and far between, I don’t get … Continue reading

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Book Review: Hundred Percenters

Hundred Percenters: Challenge your employees to give it their all and they’ll give you even more by Mark Murphy asks and answers, “Why don’t employees give 100%?” Murphy’s theory is leaders need a combination of challenge (not the challenge process, but … Continue reading

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Polanyi and Mises

If you didn’t get a headache from reading that title, then hang with me as I try to piece together something I noticed the other day.  I’ve been thinking about part of Micheal Polanyi’s Personal Knowledge when he discusses how scientists pick problems. Scientists don’t … Continue reading

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